A Pitchfest for NSDCAR Members

Every week, our members get together to pitch their latest listings to each other and network. These in-person events combine formal presentations, good coffee, and networking. These are meetings you can’t miss if you want to connect with your colleagues and learn about our service area and what’s new on the market.

Once the pitch session is complete, members may travel together to visit the open houses that were pitched, as well as others, that day.

There are six marketing sessions throughout our service area on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The listings presented are limited by zip code, according to the location of the meeting. Any NSDCAR REALTOR® member can attend, as well as Affiliate members.

Rules of the Road

To maximize the productivity of these meetings and caravans, NSDCAR members follow these rules:

  • Non-members and guests who are potential Marketing Session sponsors are welcome to visit two times before joining the appropriate membership category.
  • REALTORS® from other Associations are welcome to participate under the same rules and procedures as NSDCAR members.
  • Out of state REALTORS® will need to provide proof of REALTOR® membership.
  • You can't bring clients to a marketing session or on a caravan.
  • If you're serving food at your open house, you can't serve alcohol.
  • Only listings scheduled for that week's caravan can be pitched at the Marketing Session.

How it Works

Most tours and marketing sessions begin with a speed round of presentations about new listings from NSDCAR members. Coffee and refreshments are usually available, and meetings start promptly at the appointed time.

While any member can always attend a marketing session, you must submit your listings in advance in order to pitch them in the meeting.

It's a three-step process to submit your listing.

Tag the listing in the MLS with the tour number, so that it can automatically be assigned to the correct session. Here's how:

  • Click on “LISTINGS”
  • Under the header “MAINTAIN” click on “LISTINGS” again
  • Enter your MLS PROPERTY ID; Click “GO”
  • Click on your MLS Number
  • Click on “TOUR”
  • Click on “ADD NEW”; Enter Tour Group (Example: 701)
  • Enter Date
  • Enter Time Start and Time End
  • Enter any Tour Comments
  • Enter Refreshments Y or N
  • Click “SAVE”

Your listing will automatically be pulled into a PowerPoint presentation for the appropriate tour because you entered a tour number in the MLS. But your work isn't done.

Now you need to choose the images that will appear in the presentation at the marketing session.

It's simple.

All you need to do is arrange the first four photos in your listing on the MLS (the primary photo and the first three photos after it) because those four photos will be pulled into the presentation.

Now you're ready to email a copy of the Client Preferred Report 1 to the email address associated with the marketing session. The report needs to be sent after you've arranged your photos (otherwise, they won't be in the order you want, and you can't change the order after you've submitted your listing report).

When you send your email, be sure to include the Tour Date, Property Address, and the Agent's Name in the subject line. Don't forget to include your contact information in the body of the email, in case the tour organizer needs to contact you.

Scheduled Tours


Escondido | Tour 607
(view details)
[email protected]

Delmar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe | Tour 702
(view details)
[email protected]


Carlsbad, Encintas, Cardiff | Tour 701
(view details)
[email protected]

Fallbrook and Bonsall North | Tours 801N and 802S
(view details)
PLEASE NOTE: No presentations or marketing session.


Oceanside | Tour 704
(view details)
[email protected]


Vista | Tour 601
(view details)
[email protected]

San Marcos | Tour 602
(view details)
[email protected]